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Each One. Teach One.

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

An explanation of our foundation at Vivid Isle Hospitality Consultants Group

Each One Teach One

My grandfather, Binee Maharaj, opened the very first cinema in San Fernando, Trinidad. I was about eight years old and can recall vividly how excited I was to see the latest Indian movie, and he was thrilled to take me. After arriving at the cinema and my grandfather had purchased our tickets, I would attempt to grab my ticket in my haste to get to the movie auditorium. He gently put his hand on my shoulder and pointed to the manager. I quickly interpreted he wanted me to say hello. We then proceeded to walked around the lobby where my grandfather chatted with

each of his employees, greeting them by name, asking how they were doing, how their families was doing, and did they feel good about their job? When we finally got the seats, I asked, “Grandpa, why did we have to spend time doing that?”. He simply responded, “always service those, who service your guests.” Each one, teach one is an African proverb, which has been warmly adopted throughout the Caribbean to help advance literacy. Missionary, Frank Laubach took this concept through the

Philippines and Jamaica empowering individuals to pass on their gifts of knowledge and wisdom to each other advancing individuals and their communities.

Looking back at my early childhood, I now realize the gift of my grandfather wisdom and the many different life’s lessons taught me constantly. He took great pride and care in passing on his leadership style and passion, in a way that has help me to become a smarter and better person. Throughout life, I would continued to be inspired by his many advises, but the life’s lesson from that night, at the cinema, “always servicing those who service your guests” became part of my leadership brand. I applied that principle in every job I had, and it became a strategic

imperative for my organization and my teams. I made it a priority to connect with my team members, investing the time getting to know them individually and listening to their concerns. My expectation for all teams I would have the pleasure of leading is that they would do the same with their teams, and their teams did with our guests. Each one, taught one and our business thrived!

As leaders in today’s competitive markets, we are moving incredibly fast, analyzing critical data, innovating new product offerings, developing processes, and assessing performances to deliver best in class results. As businesses evolve to deliver more and more, they must also invest in educating, mentoring, and influencing our employees to intuitively service our guests, clients, or customers through thoughtful connections, sincere relationships, meaningful knowledge and

resources, and with great appreciation. Each one, teach one advances individuals, cultivates relationships, and establishes vibrant cultures and performances, that’s why it is the foundation for Vivid Isle Hospitality Consulting.Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.


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