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Moments of Truth

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Hospitality Consultants and Customer Experience Experts

Throughout your leadership career, you will encounter many defining moments.

Some will forever be etched in your mind and others will shape the leader you


Many years ago, I was introduced to the service concept called the “Moments of

Truth”. It is that defining period in time, which the decision or choice you make,

will not only have an immediate, but long-lasting, measurable impact on your

business. Because of it’s implications, you as the leader wants to ensure that the

decision made is a win-win for your team and your customers.

As I progressed through my leadership career, I continued to use this concept as

a litmus test to guide my thinking as to whether I’m providing the absolute best

service experience possible!

Have you ever wonder what are those most important elements which makes

your customer experience incredibly special?

Whether your business is hotels and resorts operations, banking institution, retail,

dining, or entertainment (RD&E) venues, there are principles and skills ready to

be shaped, which will transform your service experience.

Many will debate the numerous critical touch points, which makes a customer

experience memorable. Some will say it’s a combination of things, others will

condense it to simply two or three factors. Neither of these two points of views

are wrong. The real question is, which one of these will yield the highest return


We at Vivid Isle believe there are several defining moments of service that occurs

during the course of a customers interaction. These moments determine

whether they will continue to support your business.

These Moments of Truths occur at different points along the customer experience

cycle. This cycle we have divided in two categories. They are the-pre and post

experience and the on-site experience.

The pre and post experience connects your customers with your brand, your

offerings, and help strengthen the ability of the team to deliver a seamless

personalize experiences to build brand loyalty over time.

The On-Site Experience is the exceptional execution of services, brand story,

complimented with the warmth and responsiveness of the staff engagement.

Let us take your leaders and teams through the customer experience cycle. We

will explore why these Moments of Truth are critical to the success of your

business. They will come away with a greater understanding and appreciation

for the end-to-end customer experience.


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